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From Dusk Till Dawn

1h 48m Crime, Action, Horror, Thriller 1996

Tarantino and Rodriguez reunited for this hugely entertaining riff on horror, albeit one filtered through their own sensibilities. The script, from a story by Robert Kurtzman, was Tarantino’s first paid writing assignment. He also takes the role of Richie, younger brother of Seth Gecko (George Clooney), who he has just broken out of prison. The two are headed for Mexico, leaving a trail of carnage in their wake, and stowing away in the camper van of Jacob (Harvey Keitel, one of Tarantino’s stock players), a preacher suffering a crisis of faith, and his children (Juliette Lewis and Ernest Liu). Matters are complicated when the biker bar they hole up in turns out to be the front for a nest of thirsty vampires. Banned in Ireland on release for its violence, the film is a fast and funny B-movie.


Robert Rodriguez





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