Michael Scott - A Changing Man (2006)

  • Documentary
  • 52min

As Ireland’s foremost 20th-century architect, Michael Scott was driven by a determination to elevate his country’s visual arts onto the world stage. A man of charm and vision, he set out to change the face of post-war Dublin, and inspired a new generation of artists and architects.

Yet Michael Scott’s vehemently modern outlook attracted no shortage of controversy amongst mid-century Ireland’s authoritarian, Catholic establishment. His best known works – Busáras, the Abbey Theatre, his gleaming white home Geragh at Sandycove – attracted both admiration and outrage in an Ireland emerging from the cultural and economic gloom of the 40s and 50s. Award-winning director Ciarín Scott traces her father’s flamboyant and colourful life as he struggles with family pressures while fighting to bring visual modernity to the country he loved.

Director / Screenwriter

Ciarín Scott


Mary Finnegan





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