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New York Our Time

Documentary, Captioned, F-Rated, Irish Film 1h 34m 2020

When Irish film artist Vivienne Dick arrived in New York’s run-down Lower East side in the late 1970s, she was deeply inspired by the vibrant community of avant-garde musicians, makers and artists who lived there. In this, her much anticipated first feature film, Dick revisits old haunts and reconnects with a number of friends (among them Cynthia Sley, Nan Goldin and Lydia Lunch), many of whom still manage to work as artists in the city, despite sky-high rents and gentrification. Dick’s own previously-unseen Super 8 captures the gritty, post-punk era while the intimate present-day sequences (filmed by her friend, cinematographer Declan Quinn) celebrate the importance of friendship, particularly women’s friendship, community and memory.

Funded under the Arts Council’s Reel Art Scheme.


Vivienne Dick


Nicky Gogan


Paul Rowley






Ireland, USA

Bonus Content

Q&A with director Vivienne Dick and composer Martin Wheeler


Q&A with New York Our Time director Vivienne Dick and composer Martin Wheeler, hosted by Daniel Fitzpatrick, aemi.

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