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One Night in Millstreet

1h 19m Documentary, Irish Film, sport 2023

One Night in Millstreet is the story of Ireland in 1995, a snapshot of a country told through a high-stakes prize fight in Millstreet, Cork between the then-unknown underdog Steve ‘The Celtic Warrior ’Collins and the larger-than-life champion Chris ‘Simply The Best ’Eubank – an against-all-odds sporting event that gripped the entire nation.

Featuring interviews with Steve Collins and Chris Eubank, along with Irish boxing legend Barry McGuigan, Chris Eubank’s former manager Barry Hearn, writer Paul Howard, and Tony Quinn, Steve Collin’s Mind Trainer, the film conjures a time and place when the country was undergoing enormous social and economic change. Director Andrew Gallimore (twice winner of Best Sports IFTA) has scored another triumph with this exuberant story retrieved from the not-so-distant past.


Andrew Gallimore





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