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2h 5m Thriller, Crime, Irish Film 2022

Filmed in Ireland, London, Berlin and Florence, Spears tells the story of private investigator Cormac (Nigel Brennan), a dissident Republican (Aidan O’Sullivan) and a con artist (Bobby Calloway) who team up “to take revenge on those who have wronged them”. When Cormac is sent to Florence, Italy to find a woman who mysteriously vanished there, he soon finds himself tangled in a web of obsession and revenge.

This independent production is the second film from writer-director Gerard Lough, who made his debut with the 2015 horror Night People, and features music from Shaefri, Sleep Thieves, Le Groupe Fantastique and Exit: Pursued by a Bear.


Gerard Lough




Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy

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