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Swan Song

1h 45m Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+, Captioned 2022

Retired hairdresser Pat Pitsenbarger (Udo Kier), is seeing out his final years in a nursing home in small-town Sandusky, Ohio, a far cry from his former life creating fabulous coiffeurs for an exclusive clientele. When he is called upon to work his magic on Rita Parker Sloan, a long-time client who has just died, Pat cannot turn down the payday that will come with making her look beautiful for her funeral. Breaking out of the nursing home, Pat embarks upon an odyssey to collect the supplies he will require for the job, confronting the ghosts of his past along the way, visiting the grave of his deceased partner David, and paying a visit to Dee Dee (Jennifer Coolidge), a former employee who had the temerity to open her own, more successful beauty parlour across the street from his.

Please note: this film contains flickering or flashing lights that may affect those with photosensitive epilepsy.


Todd Stephens



Closed Captions [CC]





House of Gemini

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