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Sweet Thing

Drama 1h 31m 2021

Alexandre Rockwell’s (In The Soup, 1992) new film is a paean to the resilience of childhood. Billie (Lana Rockwell) and Nico (Nico Rockwell) live with their father Adam (Will Patton). Abandoned by his wife, their mother, Adam does his best to provide a safe and happy home, but his struggles with alcohol and his own grief at her departure lead to disaster. The children are sent to live with their mother Eve (Karyn Parsons) and her new boyfriend Beaux (M.L. Josepher), where they befriend local kid Malik (Jabari Watkins). When Beaux’s abusive dark side comes to the fore, the trio run away, hoping to escape to a better life in Florida. The shared moments of levity and love Billie and Nico find in a life that forces them to grow up too quickly shine in this irresistible and beautiful film.


Alexandre Rockwell





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