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1h 35m Horror 2023

Adapted from his own short film, winner of numerous prizes internationally, Alberto Corredor’s Baghead sees Iris (Freya Allan), a young woman in desperate financial straits, inherit a dilapidated pub in Berlin from her estranged father (Peter Mullan). Hoping that this will provide her with a new start and, finally, some security, she moves in immediately. It is only when a stranger appears at her door offering her thousands of euro to speak to the resident in her basement that Iris becomes aware of her tenant, an ancient, hooded witch who offers to those who ask the chance to speak to a deceased person for two minutes. However, exceeding this time limit brings terrible consequences, and it remains unclear how much of the statements of the revivified can be trusted. From this intriguing premise, Corredor fashions an intense, claustrophobic experience.


Alberto Corredor




Germany, UK

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