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It Lives Inside

1h 39m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2023

It Lives Inside distinguishes itself from more typical horror fare by placing at its centre an Indian American teenage girl and drawing on Indian lore for its own mythology. Samidha, or Sam, (Megan Suri) is desperately trying to fit in with her predominantly white high school classmates and in the typical American suburb in which she lives, even as her mother (Neeru Bajwa) speaks to her in Hindi and tries to impress Indian culture upon her. When her former best friend, fellow Indian American Tamira (Mohana Krishnan), starts behaving strangely, it is assumed that Sam will be the one to help her. However, when Tamira claims she is being stalked by a Pishach, a Hindi demon, Sam lashes out at her, with terrifying consequences. An effective chiller, this is also a film told from a rare and valuable perspective.


Bishal Dutta


English, Hindi

Closed Captions [CC]




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