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Sick of Myself

1h 37m Comedy, Drama, Captioned 2023

On the surface, Signe (Kristine Kujath Thorp) and Thomas (Eirik Sæther) appear to be a model couple; attractive, successful, and well-liked, she works in a coffee shop while he is an artist. They are, however, in an unhealthy, competitive relationship, rife with petty one-upmanship, lies, and theft – the film opens with them scamming a posh restaurant out of their most expensive wine, before fleeing the scene of the crime. The couple’s toxic co-dependency takes a turn for the vicious when Thomas unexpectedly breaks through as a contemporary artist (working in the medium of stolen furniture); incensed by her partner’s newfound fame, the ever-jealous and insecure Signe hatches a chilling and grotesque plot to regain dominance.

By turns hilarious and horrifying, Kristoffer Borgli’s pitch-black comedy invites us to observe just how far Signe will go to be the centre of attention.



Closed Captions [CC]



Norway, Sweden

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