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This collection of Irish feature films captures the excitement and tremulous uncertainty of youth. A varied bunch of young protagonists stand on the brink of adulthood and confront a range of challenges – sexuality; identity; gender inequity; family dysfunction; crime and punishment; unwanted pregnancy and unrequited love. These coming-of-age narratives from new and firmly-established Irish directors, are variously sensitive, harrowing, thought-provoking, funny, entertaining and always compelling. It is a collection that creates a vivid and authentic kaleidoscope of 21st century Ireland through the uncompromising lens of youth.


Kissing Candice
1h 48m Drama, Irish FIlm 2017
Sing Street
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2016
The Young Offenders
1h 23m Drama, Comedy 2016
Metal Heart
1h 28m Drama, Teen 2019
I Used to Live Here
1h 20m Drama, Irish Film 2014
The Belly of the Whale
1h 23m Drama, Irish Film 2018
Twice Shy
1h 21m Drama, Irish Film 2016
Michael Inside
1h 36m Drama, Irish Film 2017

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