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Iconic Docs brings together a selection of Irish feature documentaries which intentionally or unexpectedly captured an essence of the time in which they were made. The material is politically and tonally varied with some filmmakers upholding prevailing orthodoxies and others directly challenging them across a range of documentary forms from expository montage, to observational record, to poetic film essay. Over 60 years of production, the films document key moments in the evolution of modern Ireland in pictures, in the spoken words of public and private figures, and in the reflections of the filmmakers themselves.

Many of these documentaries are available now for the first time for Irish and international audiences.


Iconic Docs: Bundle

Iconic Docs: Reflections of a Nation Bundle

Iconic Docs: Reflections of a Nation

Mise Éire
1h 30m Documentary, History 1959
Rocky Road to Dublin
1h 10m Documentary, History 1968
The Pipe
1h 23m Documentary, Irish Film 2010
What We Leave in Our Wake
1h 10m Documentary, Irish Film 2010
One Million Dubliners
1h 20m Documentary, Irish Film 2014
The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland
1h 18m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
The Image You Missed
1h 13m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
The Silver Branch
1h 15m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
When All is Ruin Once Again
1h 20m Documentary, Irish Film 2018

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