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1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2019
George Best: All By Himself
1h 32m Documentary, Sport 2016
A Girl From Mogadishu
1h 53m Drama, Irish Film 2019
Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
1h 38m Comedy, Drama 2022
The Great Wall
1h 12m Documentary, Irish Film 2014
1h 20m Documentary, Irish Film 2021
1h 33m Documentary 2020
Henry Glassie: Field Work (2020)
1h 45m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
Here Before
1h 23m Drama, Thriller 2022
1h 37m Drama, Irish Film 2021
Her Way
1h 37m Drama, F-Rated 2022
1h 25m Drama, World Cinema 2021
How to Tell a Secret
1h 39m Documentary, Irish Film 2022
I Am Not Your Negro
1h 33m Documentary 2016
I Never Cry
1h 38m Drama 2020
I Used to Live Here
1h 20m Drama, Irish Film 2014
In The Name of Peace: John Hume in America
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
The Image You Missed
1h 13m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
Imagining Ulysses
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2004
It's Now or Never / How to Invent Reality / My Irish Diary
1h 46m Documentary 1996
JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass
1h 58m Documentary 2021
Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2010
The Job of Songs
1h 14m Documentary, Music 2022
Johnny Guitar
1h 50m Drama, Western 1954
Journey to the Edge
1h 10m Documentary, Sport 2019
1h 34m Drama, Irish Film 2022
Judas and the Black Messiah
2h 5m Biography, Drama 2021
1h 25m Documentary, Sport 2018
Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect
1h 22m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
1h 28m Drama, Irish Film 2007
Kissing Candice
1h 48m Drama, Irish FIlm 2017
1h 7m Irish Film, Experimental 2022
La Haine
1h 38m Drama, Classics 1995
The Liberties
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2009
1h 42m Drama 2022
Lola and the Sea
1h 31m Drama, World Cinema 2021
Losing Alaska
1h 22m Documentary, Irish Film 2017

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