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2h 36m Documentary, Music 2022
1h 43m Drama, F-Rated 2020
This Is Not a Movie
1h 46m Biography, Documentary 2020
1h 48m Biography, Drama 2022
Moonage Daydream
2h 15m Documentary, Biography 2022
Schindler's List
3h 15m Biography, Drama 1993
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (2021)
1h 51m Documentary, Biography 2021
A Girl From Mogadishu
1h 53m Drama, Irish Film 2019
Rebel Dread
1h 26m Documentary, Biography 2022
Tomorrow is Saturday
1h 26m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
1h 18m Documentary, LGBTQ+ 2021
George Best: All By Himself
1h 32m Documentary, Sport 2016
In The Name of Peace: John Hume in America
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
1h 15m Documentary, LGBTQ+ 2022
Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché
1h 30m Documentary, Music 2021
Breaking Out: The Remarkable Story of Fergus O'Farrell
1h 25m Documentary, Music 2020
1h 6m Documentary, Irish Film 2013
The Father of The Cyborgs
1h 18m Documentary, Irish Film 2021
2h 3m Drama, F-Rated 2002
An Engineer Imagines
1h 28m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
Eric Ravilious: Drawn to War
1h 28m Documentary, F-Rated 2022
Beyond the Visible - Hilma Af Klint
1h 33m Documentary, Biography 2019
Crock of Gold
2h 4m Documentary, Music 2020
2h 9m Biography, Documentary 2020
Henry Glassie: Field Work (2020)
1h 45m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
A Vision: The Life and Death of WB Yeats
1h 15m Documentary, Irish Film 2013
1h 25m Documentary, Sport 2018
Michael Scott - A Changing Man
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2006
Crash and Burn
1h 21m Documentary, Sport 2016
Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect
1h 22m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
1h 36m Documentary, Music 2019
Tim Robinson Connemara
57m Documentary, Irish Film 2011
Unbreakable: The Mark Pollock Story
1h 20m Documentary, Sport 2014
Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2010

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