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2h 7m Fantasy, Horror 2023

Mariana (Mariana Oliveira) is a young women active in her Evangelical church. She and her friends, including Michele (Lara Tremouroux), a social media maven who instructs her devout followers on subjects including the Christian way of taking selfies, strive to embody their church’s ideal of womanhood, dutiful and submissive to the husbands they will inevitably take from their male counterparts. Their main outlet is in the physical violence they inflict upon women they believe have strayed from the righteous path, roaming the streets by night as a masked gang of vigilantes seeking to bring the promiscuous into God’s light. When one of these lost sheep fights back, scarring Mari permanently, her changed circumstances lead her to recognise the hypocrisy and misogyny that she has unwittingly helped perpetuate in this memorable examination of society’s various oppressive structures and strictures.





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