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Floating Structures
Documentary 1h 4m 2018
Phantom Islands
Documentary 1h 26m 2018
The Science of Ghosts
Documentary, Music 1h 19m 2018
Photo City
Documentary 1h 20m 2017
We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty
Documentary, F-rated 1h 5m 2016
Further Beyond
Documentary, F-rated 1h 30m 2015
The Great Wall
Documentary 1h 12m 2014
Talking To My Father
Documentary 1h 30m 2014
The Devil’s Pool
Documentary, F-rated 30m 2014
A Vision: The Life and Death of WB Yeats
Documentary 1h 15m 2013
Broken Song
Documentary, F-rated, Music 1h 6m 2013
Blood Rising
Documentary 1h 15m 2013
Documentary 1h 6m 2013
Teach Ionadh / Wonder House
Documentary, F-rated 1h 10m 2011
Dreamtime Revisited
Documentary 1h 16m 2012
The Far Side of Revenge
Documentary, F-rated 1h 12m 2012
Build Something Modern
Documentary, F-rated 1h 10m 2010
The Door Ajar
Documentary 1h 23m 2011
The Beholder
Documentary 60m 2010
Tim Robinson Connemara
Documentary 57m 2011
Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien
Documentary 1h 30m 2010

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