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1h 55m Drama, Irish Film 1981
Making the Grade
1h 22m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
2h 16m Drama, Captioned 2022
Le Mépris
1h 43m Drama, Romance 2023
Metal Heart
1h 28m Drama, Teen 2019
Michael Inside
1h 36m Drama, Irish Film 2017
Michael Scott - A Changing Man
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2006
Mise Éire
1h 30m Documentary, History 1959
1h 51m Drama, LGBTQ+ 2016
Moon Man
1h 32m Animation, Irish Film 2012
1h 36m Drama, F-Rated 2022
My Little Sister
1h 37m Drama 2021
My Sailor, My Love
1h 42m Drama, Romance 2023
1h 6m Documentary, Irish Film 2013
1h 40m Drama, War 2022
The New Boy
1h 36m Drama 2023
New York Our Time
1h 34m Documentary, Captioned 2020
The Nightingale
2h 16m Drama, Thriller 2019
1h 37m Thriller 2022
1h 26m Drama, F-Rated 2020
The Old Oak
1h 53m Drama 2023
One Million Dubliners
1h 20m Documentary, Irish Film 2014
Only Child
1h 8m Documentary, Irish Film 2022
Other People's Children
1h 44m Comedy, Drama 2023
The Origin of Evil
2h 3m Mystery 2022
The Outcasts
1h 35m Drama, Horror 1982
Out of Innocence
1h 50m Drama, Irish Film 2016
Overdosed (2021)
1h 15m Documentary, Irish Film 2021
The Peasants
1h 52m Drama, Animation 2023
Peeping Tom
1h 41m Drama, Horror 1960
Phantom Islands
1h 26m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
Photo City
1h 20m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
The Pipe
1h 23m Documentary, Irish Film 2010
Pray for Our Sinners
1h 21m Documentary, Irish Film 2023
Pretty Red Dress
1h 50m Drama, Captioned 2022
Pure Grit (2022)
1h 28m Documentary, Irish Film 2022
1h 22m Drama, Thriller 2023
Redemption of a Rogue
1h 33m Drama, Black Comedy 2021
Reefer and the Model
1h 20m Drama, Irish Film 1988
1h 27m Documentary, Irish Film 2016
Riders of Justice
1h 56m Action, Comedy 2021
Rocky Road to Dublin
1h 10m Documentary, History 1968
Rome, Open City
1h 43m Drama 1945
Rose Plays Julie
1h 41m Drama, Irish Film 2021
Róise & Frank
1h 30m Drama, Comedy 2022
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Opus
1h 43m Documentary, Music 2024

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