Accessibility Links

Copilot (2021)
Drama 1h 58m
Sisters with Transistors (2020) (2020)
Documentary, Music 1h 24m
New York Our Time (2020)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 34m
Kissing Candice (2017)
Drama, Irish FIlm 1h 48m
Maeve (1981)
Drama, Irish Film 1h 55m
Les Misérables (2019)
Drama 1h 44m
A Girl From Mogadishu (2019)
Drama, Irish Film 1h 53m
White Riot (2020)
Documentary, F-Rated 1h 20m
Charlatan (2020)
Drama, Biography 1h 58m
Relic (2020)
Horror, F-Rated 1h 30m
Once Upon a River (2019)
Drama, F-Rated 1h 32m
Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins (2020)
Documentary, F-Rated 1h 33m
Perfect 10 (2019)
Drama, F-rated 1h 23m
The 8th (2020)
Documentary, Irish Film 1h 34m
Town of Strangers (2021)
Documentary, Irish FIlm 1h 22m
Rare Beasts (2019)
Drama, Comedy 1h 27m
Cocoon (2020) (2020)
Drama, F-Rated 1h 35m
Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché (2021)
Documentary, Music 1h 30m
Cowboys (2020)
Drama, LGBTQ+ 1h 26m
Teach Ionadh / Wonder House (2011)
Documentary, F-rated 1h 10m
Jumbo (2020)
Drama 1h 33m
Song Without a Name (2019)
Drama, F-rated 1h 37m
Luxor (2020)
Drama, F-Rated 1h 25m
Love Child (2019) (2019)
Documentary, F-Rated 1h 52m
Further Beyond (2015)
Documentary, F-rated 1h 30m
The Far Side of Revenge (2012)
Documentary, F-rated 1h 12m
The Devil’s Pool (2014)
Documentary, F-rated 30m
Build Something Modern (2010)
Documentary, F-rated 1h 10m
We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty (2016)
Documentary, F-rated 1h 5m
Broken Song (2013)
Documentary, F-rated 1h 6m