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Saint Maud
1h 23m Drama, Horror 2019
School Life
1h 40m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
The Science of Ghosts
1h 19m Documentary, Music 2018
Shooting the Darkness
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
Sick of Myself
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2023
Silent Grace
1h 27m Drama, F-Rated 2001
Silent Land
1h 53m Drama, F-Rated 2022
The Silver Branch
1h 15m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
Sing Street
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2016
2h 5m Thriller, Crime 2022
1h 18m Documentary, Drama 2023
1h 46m Documentary, F-Rated 2023
1h 35m Drama, Irish Film 2023
Swan Song
1h 45m Comedy, Drama 2022
Syria The Impossible Revolution
1h 31m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
Talking To My Father
1h 30m Documentary, Irish Film 2014
Teach Ionadh / Wonder House
1h 10m Documentary, F-rated 2011
The Nightingale
2h 16m Drama, Thriller 2019
The Third Man
1h 44m Mystery, Thriller 1949
The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland
1h 18m Documentary, Irish Film 2017
This is Nicholas: Living With Autism
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
This Is Not a Movie
1h 46m Biography, Documentary 2020
Tiger Stripes
1h 35m Horror, F-Rated 2023
Tim Robinson Connemara
57m Documentary, Irish Film 2011
Tomorrow is Saturday
1h 26m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
To the Moon
1h 13m Documentary, Irish Film 2021
Town of Strangers
1h 22m Documentary, Irish FIlm 2021
1h 20m Drama, Irish Film 1982
The Trial
1h 58m Drama, Thriller 1962
Triangle of Sadness
2h 30m Comedy, Drama 2022
Twice Shy
1h 21m Drama, Irish Film 2016
Unbreakable: The Mark Pollock Story
1h 20m Documentary, Sport 2014
Under the Fig Trees
1h 33m Drama 2023
A Vision: The Life and Death of WB Yeats
1h 15m Documentary, Irish Film 2013
We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty
1h 5m Documentary, F-rated 2016
Welcome to the Dark Ages
1h 22m Documentary, Irish Film 2019
We're All Going to the World's Fair
1h 26m Drama, Horror 2021
What We Leave in Our Wake
1h 10m Documentary, Irish Film 2010
When All is Ruin Once Again
1h 20m Documentary, Irish Film 2018
When Women Won
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
While We Watched
1h 35m Documentary 2023
Wicked Little Letters
1h 40m Comedy, Black Comedy 2024
1h 25m Drama, Irish Film 2021
1h 15m Documentary 2023
Young Plato
1h 42m Documentary, Irish Film 2022
The Young Offenders
1h 23m Drama, Comedy 2016

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