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Jurassic Park
2h 7m Adventure, Sci-Fi 1993
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
1h 55m Drama, Sci-Fi 1982
The Alpinist
1h 32m Documentary 2021
Sorry to Bother You
1h 52m Comedy, Fantasy 2018
1h 31m Comedy, Musical 1990
A Far Green Country
1h 15m Documentary, Irish Film 2021
Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
1h 38m Comedy, Drama 2022
Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up
1h 30m Irish Film, Comedy 2021
Eric Ravilious: Drawn to War
1h 28m Documentary, F-Rated 2022
Car Wash
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 1976
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
2h 1m Drama, World Cinema 2021
2h 17m Biography, Drama 2022
2h 3m Drama, F-Rated 2002
2h 16m Drama, Captioned 2022
Love Yourself Today
1h 20m Documentary, Music 2021
Swan Song
1h 45m Comedy, Drama 2022
Boiling Point
1h 35m Drama, Thriller 2021
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2021
1h 48m Drama, Thriller 2021
The Father
1h 37m Drama, Captioned 2021
1h 25m Drama, Irish Film 2021
1h 31m Drama, Captioned 2018
Her Way
1h 37m Drama, F-Rated 2022
The Story of Looking
1h 30m Documentary, Captioned 2021
Promising Young Woman
1h 53m Comedy, Drama 2020
The 8th
1h 34m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
New York Our Time
1h 34m Documentary, Captioned 2020
Sisters with Transistors (2020)
1h 24m Documentary, Music 2020
Black Bear
1h 44m Comedy, Drama 2020
2h 6m Action, Drama 2013
Only God Forgives
1h 30m Action, Crime 2013

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