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Drive My Car
Drama 2h 59m 2021
IFI & Night of Ideas: The Velvet Queen
Documentary, F-Rated 1h 32m 2021
Boiling Point
Drama, Thriller, Captioned 1h 35m 2021
Drama, F-Rated, World Cinema 1h 31m 2021
Drama, Irish Film, F-Rated 1h 37m 2021
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
Comedy, Drama 1h 46m 2021
Lola and the Sea
Drama, World Cinema, LGBTQ+ 1h 31m 2021
My Little Sister
Drama 1h 37m 2021
Deadly Cuts
Comedy, Irish Film, F-Rated 1h 30m 2021
Comedy, Drama, Romance, F-Rated 1h 43m 2021
In the Earth
Horror 1h 48m 2021
Drama, Irish Film, F-Rated 1h 25m 2021
Riders of Justice
Action, Comedy, Drama 1h 56m 2021
JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass
Documentary 1h 58m 2021
Breaking Out: The Remarkable Story of Fergus O'Farrell
Documentary, Music, Irish Film 1h 25m 2020
Drama, F-Rated 1h 58m 2021
Sweet Thing
Drama 1h 31m 2021
Drama, Captioned, F-Rated 1h 33m 2020
Redemption of a Rogue
Drama, Black Comedy, Irish Film 1h 33m 2021
Horror, F-Rated 1h 24m 2021
Boys from County Hell
Comedy, Horror 1h 29m 2021

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