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The IFI is proud to include the F-rating on its IFI@Home programming, highlighting the substantial contribution of women to the film industry.



Silent Land
1h 53m Drama, F-Rated 2022
You Are Not My Mother
1h 33m Drama, Horror 2022
1h 25m Drama, Irish Film 2021
Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
1h 38m Comedy, Drama 2022
Róise & Frank
1h 30m Drama, Comedy 2022
Deargdhúil: Anatomy of Passion
1h 2m Documentary, Irish Film 2015
1h 45m Documentary, F-Rated 2022
The Bright Side
1h 39m Comedy, Drama 2021
1h 48m Drama, Thriller 2021
1h 28m Documentary, Irish Film 2022
1h 12m Drama, World Cinema 2022
Rose Plays Julie
1h 41m Drama, Irish Film 2021
1h 43m Comedy, Drama 2021
Here Before
1h 23m Drama, Thriller 2022
1h 7m Irish Film, Experimental 2022
2h 3m Drama, F-Rated 2002
Ali & Ava
1h 35m Drama 2021
The Velvet Queen
1h 32m Documentary, F-Rated 2022
Faith and Branko
1h 22m Documentary, Music 2020
1h 34m Drama, Irish Film 2022
1h 26m Drama, F-Rated 2020
1h 37m Drama, Irish Film 2021
Anaïs in Love
1h 38m Romance, Drama 2022
Silent Grace
1h 27m Drama, F-Rated 2001
1h 36m Drama, F-Rated 2022
Tomorrow is Saturday
1h 26m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
When Women Won
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
Promising Young Woman
1h 53m Comedy, Drama 2020
1h 24m Horror, F-Rated 2021
1h 43m Drama, F-Rated 2020
Dark Lies the Island
1h 27m Drama, Irish Film 2019
1h 55m Drama, Irish Film 1981
Eric Ravilious: Drawn to War
1h 28m Documentary, F-Rated 2022
Her Way
1h 37m Drama, F-Rated 2022
Town of Strangers
1h 22m Documentary, Irish FIlm 2021
New York Our Time
1h 34m Documentary, Captioned 2020
Kissing Candice
1h 48m Drama, Irish FIlm 2017
A Girl From Mogadishu
1h 53m Drama, Irish Film 2019
Deadly Cuts
1h 30m Comedy, Irish Film 2021
1h 58m Drama, F-Rated 2021
Sisters with Transistors (2020)
1h 24m Documentary, Music 2020
Saint Maud
1h 23m Drama, Horror 2019
The 8th
1h 34m Documentary, Irish Film 2020
Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché
1h 30m Documentary, Music 2021
Teach Ionadh / Wonder House
1h 10m Documentary, F-rated 2011
The Traitor
2h 32m Drama, Crime 2019
Further Beyond
1h 30m Documentary, F-rated 2015
The Far Side of Revenge
1h 12m Documentary, F-rated 2012
The Devil’s Pool
30m Documentary, F-rated 2014
Build Something Modern
1h 10m Documentary, F-rated 2010
We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty
1h 5m Documentary, F-rated 2016
Broken Song
1h 6m Documentary, F-rated 2013

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